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SpecialtyCare – Hiring and Maintaining Top Talent 

SpecialtyCare is a people company. We’re committed to our people providing exceptional care, expertise, and innovation to help support outcomes in the operating room and beyond; therefore, our focus is to hire and retain passionate, driven associates dedicated to making a difference in the delivery of healthcare. We train our associates to a level beyond industry requirements so they can be committed to excellence and produce outcomes our customers value. We also ensure our associates are fairly compensated, and they are active participants in defining the company’s culture. As a result, SpecialtyCare has earned a reputation of providing the highest quality services and associates in the industry, which leads to the best clinical care, the best patient outcomes, and the most satisfied customers and surgeons.


To hire the best talent you need to attract the best talent. SpecialtyCare’s success stems from our dedicated and experienced recruiters who travel to schools, tradeshows, and conferences across the country to promote SpecialtyCare and identify potential associates. We maintain a broad pool of candidates to recruit the best associates from, especially when compared to smaller or regional competitors, because we offer our services nationally. One of our most successful recruitment strategies has been our ability to leverage our associate network to identify quality candidates. We work hard to ensure SpecialtyCare is a compelling place for associates to develop their careers and to make a difference in healthcare. Through frequent engagement with our associates, we seek their ideas and identify ways we can improve. We appreciate each associate’s choice to join SpecialtyCare and are dedicated to sustaining a culture where they can thrive and be successful. When our associates feel confident and happy with their decision to join SpecialtyCare, they are willing to recommend other talented individuals to work here.


All associates complete an extensive and comprehensive hiring process before joining SpecialtyCare. We want to ensure SpecialtyCare is the best employer for them and that they will be a good fit with our customers and their patients. The hiring process is customized to each service line and may include the following:

  • Pre-screening assessments requiring a certain score before a candidate moves to the next phase of the hiring process
  • Hands-on training reviews with experienced associates to assess a candidate’s potential to complete the training program for their service line
  • Competency screenings to confirm the candidate will fully comprehend future training requirements
  • Realistic operation previews in a working operating room so a candidate can experience the job they will be performing to help them determine if that job is an appropriate career choice for them
  • Behavioral interviewing to accurately predict a candidate’s future performance based on past performances in similar situations
  • Clinical walkthrough competencies to ensure a candidate is the right fit for their team, the hospital, and the surgeon
  • SpecialtyCare genuinely appreciates our associates, and we work to express that feeling from the moment they become part of our team. Our onboarding method was created to ensure all new associates have a superb experience, so we refer to our process as white glove onboarding. From recruitment and hiring to training and being introduced to their work environment, we want associates to know they made the right decision joining SpecialtyCare. Our white glove onboarding includes a streamlined orientation and extensive training processes to expedite associate productivity. The result of our white glove onboarding is that our associates feel empowered early in their new role, which increases satisfaction for the associate, as well as customers and surgeons.

SpecialtyCare constantly works to create a compelling work environment to better retain our associates, help associates have a meaningful career at SpecialtyCare, and ensure associates serve as good references for referrals. We achieve these goals through a variety of methods, including engaging with our talent, providing continuing education options for every associate, and offering career development opportunities.

  • Engagement: One of the primary ways we retain our talent is by constantly engaging with them. Through regular engagement, we are able to identify ways to improve associate experiences at SpecialtyCare. We are more focused on associate engagement than most companies, and this focus is a significant differentiator for us in terms of recruitment and retention. As an example, we don’t simply circulate annual satisfaction surveys like many companies. We truly listen to the feedback we receive from our associate surveys, and we create actionable plans to address that feedback. We then share those action plans with our associates so they know we are listening and working to change the organization based on their needs and concerns. In addition to surveys, we organize focus groups, conduct town hall meetings, and circulate pulse surveys to see how associates perceive our progress in addressing their feedback. At SpecialtyCare, we take real action when our associates provide input, and people are held accountable for adhering to our engagement strategy.
  • Continuing Education: We believe continuous learning drives continuous improvement, so we offer associates access to the training they need to succeed in their roles at SpecialtyCare. We provide every associate professional development funds to help finance ways to further better themselves and to expand beyond their roles for their own education. Additionally, our associates have access to SpecialtyCare University, our own in-house education program, which offers an extensive array of training opportunities on a wide variety of topics. We created SpecialtyCare University so our associates are always educated on the newest healthcare innovations to ensure the best clinical outcomes for our patients. We spend more time and money on training and educational development than our competitors, and we continue to invest in those areas. This investment in education is a significant differentiator for SpecialtyCare and is beneficial to our customers. As an example, while some hospitals may internally manage the types of positions we offer, many hospitals lack the specialized infrastructure and support needed to provide their staff with the tools and resources to maintain and expand their education. Since SpecialtyCare is dedicated to these roles, we have the ability to invest more time and money in developing education programs specific to these associates, which helps ensure associates are always updated on the latest advances and standards applicable to their positions.
  • Career Development: SpecialtyCare is dedicated to offering a career path for our associates. We believe in developing our talent in-house whenever possible and providing our associates with the opportunity to grow their careers without needing to the leave the company. To support this goal, we created an online leadership program within SpecialtyCare to help train our clinical associates to become our future business leaders. Virtually all of our clinical managers and directors were promoted to their positions from within SpecialtyCare. We also help our associates improve their performance within their roles throughout their careers. We set goals and performance milestones annually, and we hold associates accountable for their performance. We recognize associates who exceed performance standards through our pay-for-performance philosophy that rewards associates appropriately.

SpecialtyCare is different from other companies because of our people. When we hire and retain the best talent, we are better able to support our customers and our pursuit to deliver excellent patient care. We have the best talent because we have good engagement, a good workforce, a good reputation, and the ability to help people grow their careers. We make empowering associates a daily priority, and their success as a valued member of SpecialtyCare results in great outcomes for our patients and high satisfaction for our customers.


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